Num Element Creature   Event Rare HP Royal Att Royal Str Royal Skill RUSD RURB
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NumElementCreatureRareHP RoyalAtt RoyalStr RoyalSkill
1EarthAdonisUncommon60041062516629NoneNone775775108. Dark_Lovers
2DeathCompulsionSuper Rare245452001444559slowDelay all enemies attacks 2 turns56314108. Dark_Lovers
3DeathDeath_EternalEpic318305915890988moveAllied Death creatures gain 25% HP, lose 25% ATK12107. The_Last_Door
4FireDesireRare146701932133991afflictionInflict three enemies with greater Burn317277108. Dark_Lovers
5DeathEros_And_PsycheUltra Rare424192340065819healMassive HP recovery40598108. Dark_Lovers
6WaterPsychosisSuper Rare228432383646679damageWater Lightning to attack all enemies285251108. Dark_Lovers
7FireRoseSuper Rare245492075245301healRecover larger amount of HP308664108. Dark_Lovers
8FireThe_Demon_Within_Ultra Rare223004124863548afflictionInflict all enemies with greater Burn3820107. The_Last_Door
9WaterVenusRare176061696334569damageWater Lightning to attack two enemies614465108. Dark_Lovers
10EarthVoidEpic499334141591348moveAllied Earth creatures gain 25% HP, lose 25% ATK1121105. Bottomless_Pit
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