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Earth_Boar_Rider_1f.jpgEarth_Boar_Rider_2f.jpgEarth_Boar_Rider_3f.jpgEarth_Boar_Rider_4f.jpg CreatureBoar_Rider
 DescIncrease a single enemy turn counter by 2
 Event6. War_of_Mages
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Earth_Earth_Mage_1f.jpgEarth_Earth_Mage_2f.jpgEarth_Earth_Mage_3f.jpgEarth_Earth_Mage_4f.jpg CreatureEarth_Mage
 DescRecover larger amount of HP
 Event6. War_of_Mages
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Fire_Fire_Mage_1f.jpgFire_Fire_Mage_2f.jpgFire_Fire_Mage_3f.jpgFire_Fire_Mage_4f.jpg CreatureFire_Mage
 RareSuper Rare
 DescFire Star attacks three enemies
 Event6. War_of_Mages
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Water_Water_Mage_1f.jpgWater_Water_Mage_2f.jpgWater_Water_Mage_3f.jpgWater_Water_Mage_4f.jpg CreatureWater_Mage
 RareSuper Rare
 DescShift all Water enemies to Death
 Event6. War_of_Mages
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